Tuesday, 23 December 2014

CT Tag - Miss Candy Cane

I had a play with this cute kit that Kissing Kate made to match a great tube by Tony Tzanoukakis.
This tube and kit are both really cute and colourful.
Here's a preview of the kit alone, which is available at Tony TZ Store.
You can purchase the kit alone, or you can purchase the kit and tube together. Here's a preview of the kit and tube, which is of course available at Tony TZ Store HERE.

Here's a tag I made with the tube and kit.
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CT Tag - Christmas Princess

When I saw this beautiful tube and matching kit I knew I had to make a tag with them both! The tube was the creation of artist Zlata Ma and was made from a photo of Cat of Kissing Kate's beautiful daughter.  Cat then made a wonderful matching kit called Christmas Princess to go with the tube.
Here's a preview of the kit, which is available at Tubes 4 Taggers, Scraps N Company and Spazzd Art.
Here's a tag I made using Zlata's beautiful Christmas Princess tube, which is available at ZlataM Art Shop, and Kissing Kate's stunning kit.
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Saturday, 13 December 2014

CT Tag ~ Let It Snow

CT Tag made for Kissing Kate with her gorgeous kit Let It Snow.  This kit is a match for a gorgeous tube at Pics for Design here by Kajenna.  I used with the artwork of Joanne Schempp whose art tubes are available at CDO

You can find Cat's gorgeous kit at Scraps & Company here

and here is a preview of the gorgeous kit too ♥

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

CT Tag - Christmas Cuteness

Kissing Kate made this beautiful and colourful kit called Christmas Cuteness. The kit is so pretty, and was made to match an adorable kit by Lorri Kajenna.
Here's a preview of the kit, which is available at Spazzd Art and Scraps and Company.
Here's the tag I made with this kit, using the matching tube by Lorri Kajenna, which is available at PFD.
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CT Timeline Set ~ Winter Meadow

Stunning new kit by Kissing Kate called Winter Meadow, you can find this kit at Scraps & Company - it's such a beautiful kit, lots of gorgeous aqua and purple colors in it.  I have made a facebook timeline set with it using the stunning art of Verymany using a tube you can find in their store.  You can find the kit for purchase here

and here is a preview of this stunning kit too

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Scraps N Company
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